• Software Development


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    Database Scripting


    Social Ideation App: Tool that integrates IdeaScale —one of the today’s leading Idea Management Systems— with Facebook. It implements an integration model and an algorithm that automatically synchronizes the content generated on both platforms (i.e., ideas, comments) enabling users of IdeaScale and Facebook to access to the same information. Technologies: Python, Django, Facebook API. → Github

    Report by Twitter: Tool that allows collecting citizens’ ideas and opinions about public interest issues through hashtag-supported social networks, like Twitter. It leverages exclusively on the existing features of Twitter, i.e., posts, replies, retweets, and hashtags and it can be used as a stand-alone application or can be integrated with existing tools. Technologies: Python, Django, Twitter API. → Github

    Agora 2.0: Tool that integrates public displays and IdeaScale to create a synchronized on-line and on-site platform granting in this way ease of public access and promoting civic par􏰁cipa􏰁tion. Technologies: Java, Play Framework, IdeaScale API. → Github

    Spreadsheet-based Business Process Analyzer: Tool that enables the generati􏰁on of analysis spreadsheets from a BPMN-based business process model editor. It also enables the business process analyst to define own metrics, asserti􏰁ons and analysis reports. It automates the simulati􏰁on of business process executi􏰁ons, generating process execution logs. Technologies: Java, Play, Google Drive and Spreadsheet API, Signavio. → Sourceforge Demo

    Club de Othello XO: An educational game that helps visually impaired children to learn spatial-temporal concepts, like corner, row, column. Technologies: Python, Sugar. → Github Demo

    Open-source contributions

    Tweepy: Twitter RESTful API library client. Technologies: Python. → Github

    TamTam: Application to engage children in exploring music. Technologies: Python, Sugar. → Gitorious

    Poll: Application to create polls, collect votes and analyze community opinions. Technologies: Python, Sugar. → Gitorious

    Labyrinth: Mind-mapping application that supports text, images, and simple drawings. Technologies: Python, Sugar. → Gitorious

    Dextrose: Sugar distribution for XO laptops. Technologies: Python, Sugar. → Gitorious