• Research Projects

    Ongoing projects

    P2P models: Studying the potentials, limitations, and risks of blockchain-based technologies for collaborative communities.

    This project aims at modeling, designing, and implementing block-chain-based solutions to improve the inclusiveness and democratization of collaborative communities. Areas of Research: Block-chain, online communities.

    Past projects

    Social and Media Impact Evaluation: Understanding the social impact of the Spanish foundations’ programs and research projects.

    This project aims at employing data analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing techniques to understand the social impact of research projects and social programs. Areas of Research: Data Science

    SmartTraffic: Addressing urban mobility problems through mobile crowdsensing approaches (CONACYT, Paraguay).

    This project aims at developing technology-based solutions to improve the urban mobility conditions of the city of Asuncion, Paraguay. Areas of Research: Mobile Crowdsensing, Hybrid Collective Adaptive Systems

    Participa: Promoting civic participation in the innovation of public services and policies (CONACYT, Paraguay)

    This project aims to build tools that allow citizens and public institutions to work together in the co-creation of innovative solutions for public services. Areas of Research: Democratic Innovation, Civic Technology, Crowdsourcing, Collective Intelligence, Idea Management

    The Finnish Experiment: Design, implement, and study processes of crowdsourced policymaking (Parliament of Finland)

    The goal of this project is to study the use of crowdsourcing techniques in engaging the citizenry of Finland into policymaking processes. In particular, we explore two case studies: the reform of the Off-road Traffic Law and the innovation of the Limited Liability Housing Companies Act of Finland. Areas of Research: Democratic Innovation, Civic Technology, Crowdsourcing, Collective Intelligence, Idea Management

    The California Report Card: Enhance communication between elected authorities and the public (CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative at UC Berkeley and the Office of Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, 2014)

    In this project the goal was to explore how technology can streamline and structure input from the public to elected leaders, to provide them with timely feedback on the changing opinions and priorities of their constituents. Areas of Research: Democratic Innovation, Civic Technology, Crowdsourcing, Collective Intelligence

    Agora 2.0:  Enhancing Civic Participation through Public Displays

    This project aimed at fostering civic participation by integrating crowdsourcing idea platforms with popular physical spaces of participation. Areas of Research: Democratic Innovation, Civic Technology, Crowdsourcing, Collective Intelligence

    BPM4People: Business Process Modeling for Participatory Enterprises, Organizations, and Public Administration Bodies (EU FP7 Research, 2010-2013)

    This project aimed at developing a social BPM paradigm able to bring together the structured world of BPM with the unstructured world of social networks. Also, in the project, it was studied how to integrate BPM tools with crowdsourcing platforms, so as to be able to seamlessly integrate crowd workforce into business processes. Areas of Research: Business Process Management, Crowdsourcing, Collective Intelligence, Social Networks

    Ianus: Platform for the Simplification, Re-organization and Improvement of Business Processes (Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Applied Research, Law 6/99, 2010-2012)

    The goal of this research project was to design, implement, and test business process discovery algorithms that do not start from nicely correlated event logs but from a snapshot of an operational database filled with data by a process-aware information system. Areas of Research: Business Process Management